Your Body is Your Experience

You May Have Not Realized It

The limits of your body are the limits of your life's experiences. Each and every restriction placed upon you because of your lifestyle choices and reactions to the environment you place yourself in, all not just add up, but multiply each other. If you form a fear of flying because you never do it, and you don't walk all, then seeing the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo's most amazing creations will never happen. And I tell you, I've been there and it is hard not to shed a tear of amazement.

Most people spend their health building their wealth only to end up spending their wealth rebuilding their health.


Everything is Connected

The amazing human body

If you haven't really thought about it, your body is completely connected. Think about the skin on your right shoulder and the skin on your left leg. If you rub, push, or pull that skin, it pulls all the way down to the left leg and all the way across your entire body.

Like a spiderweb, each section is intricately linked and is relied upon to perform all the actions your body needs to do.

With this in mind you should be very aware of how critical every piece is.  If you injure something in your ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, back, or arms that could have repercussions in a completely opposite area.

Pay Attention

Many medicines are focused on blocking pain receptors.

Pain signals are important carriers of news for something you're doing or are experiencing is not good.

This usually happens immediately, then subsides, then occurs somewhere else (referred pain). This means your nervous system views this action or behavior as a threat.

The referred pain is meant to stop you from doing whatever the nervous system views is a threat. It will give you lower back pain if sitting for long periods is pushing your piriformis onto your sciatic.