How do I do The Corigliano Method? 

Begin by starting off strategically. What is your end result?

It can be anything from getting married, buying car insurance packages, applying for jobs, starting a new business, choosing products to sell, optimizing customer flow, choosing R&D efforts, to spending time with your loved ones versus spending time working.

The process is a process of learning. You must begin to add values to all the things you're trying to do and the possible outcomes. If getting married is your thing, assign a value to the things you want the most by not just putting 1-100 on the top choice, but the value of the pain it will give you without it. The Corigliano Method is a lot about avoiding pain and suffering so you really see what you should be focusing on. Like spending time with your family, if you were to be told you have 6 months to live why should your time with your family be valued higher that it is right now? If so you might be in the wrong business...or in the wrong family! This webpage is but a scratch at the overall methodology. 

Please take a look at the overview steps below:



 The Method, is a data visualization-based approach at everyday necessary life events. Sort of Freakonomics for Life. How do I know I'm spending my time and money wisely? Is the way I communicate working? What keeps frustrating me in the same way but in so many different situations? And the best, WHAT IS SCAMMING ME and WHAT CAN I TRUST? You typically can't figure this out with your brain only, you have to write it down, do some funky math, make it into a chart and compare it. 

 The Corigliano Method is used in virtually every decision-making scenario from car buying, house hunting, insurance coverage, nutrition/cooking, fitness, communications, parenting, teaching, learning, and all things in-between. 

Please request me to apply the Method to your problem set!