Know Thyself

I think the most important thing you can do in your life is to learn about the nervous system as if your life depends on it. It does. Learn more.


  • The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord.
  • The peripheral nervous system is made up of nerves that branch off from the spinal cord and extend to all parts of the body.

The nervous system transmits signals between the brain and the rest of the body, including internal organs. In this way, the nervous system’s activity controls the ability to move, breathe, see, think, and more.  


Sources of Most Pain and Disease

Bad food, poor lifestyle choices, bad posture, bad attitudes, bad water, bad air, and so much more.

All of these irritate your nervous system and change it from "thrive" mode to "survive" mode, sacrificing your future to keep you safe in the moment. It first adjusts your posture, sends pain signals worsening life.

It Owns Us

The nervous system predates our executive level processing by hundreds if not millions of thousands of years. That means it is the god center of the body and is incredibly smart. Smarter than you. If you get stressed out by interacting with people at work, it will suppress your immune system to keep you home. But what do we do? We take suppressants of symptoms and go back to work, and we sit at work for hours. What will it do? Make our lower back hurt so we can sit at work, we go to PT and we seem happy, so it keeps us doing these circles, simply because we're not paying attention to our signals. It is smart. 

If you have crappy form while in the gym or running, it will send pain signals, sharp ones in that area so you stop doing it. Lots of folks don't realize sciatic is caused by a combination of being indolent (immobile in a chair) with our glutes and abductors. The piriformis muscle (the one that moves the leg in the hip socket) gets too large, since the other two or three aren't moving as much, and pushes against the sciatic nerve. So if running or walking or standing is causing this imbalance, your nervous system will send pain signals all the way down the leg when you're sitting or running, so that you get up off your ass and move around in such a way that works out the glute and adductor/abductor muscles. But we ignore it and take pills or just go home.

Do you see this picture I'm painting?


What Makes the Nervous System(s) Happy


Ask For Permission and Forgiveness

Now that you have a basic advanced understanding of the Nervous System (NS) let's talk about what makes it happy:

[It's important to understand these things]

Lots of movement and a variety of movement makes it happy. Staying immobile for long periods makes it angry. Your lymphatic system only works when your body moves. Your NS knows this and will make you painful so you get up and move. This is why when you start working out or doing any cardio, you can turn on the booger factory. Also your body will decay (atrophe) if it doesn't gets used, your NS knows this and will send you pain so you will move around. It's not the best way, but it's the only way it can do so, because you're not listening.

Both of your eyes in complete agreement with your brain on what something is and where it is. If your brain cannot agree on where something is from your left and right eye or your left and right ear then it will move your body in such a way (shoulder, hip, torso, neck or head) to make it match. This is how most folks get neck pain, they haven't synchronized their eyesight. Conduct in-depth visual and vestibular testing and synchronization right away.

Healing and nourishing foods.

Foods that pack their own complementary nourishment makes your nervous system very happy. Watermelon packs electrolytes with its own water, fiber, and sugar, it is nearly perfect. The sugar gets whisked away with the fiber so this is very unlike a twinkie's sugar that will be made into fat. Foods that have as little distance from the soil to your mouth is great. Take great care to feed your body a variety of sources as close to a wholesome loving farm as possible. Not a factory!

Feel the Love

Your Heart Has a Massive Electromagnetic Field

The entire body operates off of frequencies. Well, the entire universe does. Meet a depressed person, well that person has low energy (low frequency). Meet someone who boosts your perspective on life? Well that person is high energy (high frequency). All electrical signals and all atoms and molecules are defined by their frequency and resonances. The # of electrons, protons, and neutrons all just make up the frequency spectrums of these materials. 

You must understand the importance of frequency. Just like a plant must need the frequency of the sun and the frequency of H2O to survive, you too must constantly cultivate positive and nourishing frequencies. Just like your favorite music boosts you, you can see the power of frequencies. Frequencies are either nourishing to the receptor or destructive. Frequencies are harmonic, coherent, or incoherent. Your brain can emit a wide variety of frequencies. We humans have discovered that many frequencies in nearly all test subjects are associated with certain feelings or moods.

For example, when a brain sensor reports the subject's brain is at 


- Beta rhythm (13-35 Hz): This wave is related to consciousness, brain activities, and motor behaviors. This wave is recorded when the eyes are open.

- Alpha rhythm (7-13 Hz): This wave was among the first rhythmic waves documented and named by Hans Berger. It originates from occipital lobes during wakeful relaxation, but has higher amplitude on the dominant side.

- Theta rhythm (4-7 Hz): This rhythm is recorded during low brain activities, sleep, or drowsiness.

- Delta rhythm (0-4 Hz): This wave is recorded during very low activities of the brain and deep sleep.

Once you understand these influences you can shift from being influenced to be the influencer.


The heart's magnetic field is tremendous and affects the operation of other hearts, brains, and all cellular functions of other organisms.


When two hearts joined by love meet, irrespective of species, they synchronize.

Master of Your Universe

Purposeful Thoughts

Although you should know most of your thoughts are totally not under your control, they are a result of what you do over and over--your habits. Your habits can be changed, influenced, and tweaked.

What you have to do is gain conscious control, ever so incrementally over the things you do that have a direct impact on the frequencies your brain goes into.

Listen to rap music, heavy metal, or worse, 24-hour news and your brain will become a ooze of goo that you cannot escape from.

Play music that is instead of quality frequencies, made from people who were totally in-love with what they were doing and try to engage multiple senses in the experience. The more sense, the more emotions, the more hormones, the better and longer-lasting the memory and the far more influence it has over our thoughts and frequencies.

Be happy to everyone. It trains your cells to regenerate. If you are unhappy it views the world as a threat and seeks to keep its energy in stores (making more fat by the way) and doesn't devote much to regenerating your body, so your hair falls out, your eyes go bad, your stomach goes acid-haywire, and your sleep is interrupted. The NS is trying to keep you ready to survive whatever is trying to kill you. But this supposed to be temporary function becomes a long-term death sentence.

If a movement hurts, don't do it, you're pissing off your NS. Do the opposite usually or gently breathe into it until a little discomfort and ask for permission to move. Keep breathing and gently glide the movement back and forth tensioning and slacking the nerves involved.

- Ken