Menu of Food Analysis with TC Method

Nutrition Requirements

Milks and Milk Alternatives

Milks and Milk Alternatives


Do you know what nutrients you're supposed to be getting each day and how much?

Milks and Milk Alternatives

Milks and Milk Alternatives

Milks and Milk Alternatives


You are being mislead on calcium, vitamin D, and safety.

Peanut and Nut Butters

Milks and Milk Alternatives

Peanut and Nut Butters


A surprisingly low source of protein, but decent source of fat.

How to Read a Label

"Everywhere" Ingredients to Avoid

Peanut and Nut Butters


The label is not what you think. Get the TCMethod of label reading.

"Everywhere" Ingredients to Avoid

"Everywhere" Ingredients to Avoid

"Everywhere" Ingredients to Avoid


They are easier to avoid if you know how.

Whey Supplements

"Everywhere" Ingredients to Avoid

"Everywhere" Ingredients to Avoid


How you're seriously getting scammed by whey supplements.


How I Built TC Method

The Corigliano Method Breathes

When I was about 8, my Dad would reward my good behavior in class with a stop at McDonald's for breakfast. I loved these times with him, as time with him was rare. He was a hard worker, owned a construction company and worked--a lot. Plus the advertising was pin-pointed to kids my age and I couldn't wait to have pancakes with syrup and a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. I distinctly remember feeling so warm inside knowing I was powering up my brain and body for the journey to be a man, the man that my dad seemed to enshrine and Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Rambo, and Commando all told me I should be.

What I later discovered is not only how low quality all of this stuff was but how little this meal was preparing me for the day. I wasn't taught to critically think about the process of having a nourishing meal and quality time becoming a man. We won't yet address the misdirection of little boys into a prescribed manhood perpetuated by iconic figures selling their products as well, "Snap into a Slim Jim!" Save for later.

As an adult I learned that this massive meal gave me as an 8-year old about a third of an adult's iron requirement, way more than the daily sodium requirement, exceeded the recommended sugar amount (45 grams in the hotcakes alone), and a paltry 14% of my potassium requirement. None of this meal came from whole foods, real vegetables or anything fresh. The juice was not even from real orange juice, but from the nutrition-killing concentration process. FDA  

As I grew  into an aspiring athlete and critical thinker, it became unavoidable noticing products had very interesting ways to advertise them as wholesome, delicious and fun. Just like the McDonald's kids meals most were not, they proved to be a threat to my health and who knows what problems it has caused in my overall long-term health.

This is when I really started paying attention to things in life from a critical perspective, gathering lots of facts that normal people seem to take for granted.

I created The Corigliano Method to help me decide how to best get the end result I desired, without being fooled. The process is simple. What is your goal? 

What are your values associated with the goal, that can't be measured?

Take one step back from the goal, what is the actual thing that achieves the goal?

Take one more step back from the goal, measure all possible choices logically.

Continue taking more steps backwards, measuring all the facts that are inherently unique about that step--the reason that step exists. Then compare the results so you make informed decisions.

Let's look at an example of why people drink milk. Many respond with, "I need calcium." This is a result of much advertising. Is milk the best way to get calcium? Let's apply TC Method for your calcium necessity. 

"Why do you need calcium?" Well to prevent osteoporosis, duh!" So actually the real question is, "how do I prevent osteoporosis?" Response, "with calcium." Great now we've refined the question.


Milk is a waste of money for calcium unless...

The small amount of calcium you get from milk isn't tremendously useful without Vitamin D or fat, in the first reason against it. Different types of calcium absorb differently. Please read up on Harvard's article here.

The cost to get 100% of your Daily Value (DV or RDV) is twice to 100x more expensive than using a supplement. The quality is about the same. Use a supplement or get it from elsewhere.

Result: Don't buy milk for calcium unless you're also using it for something else, like baking, smoothies, or because you prefer the taste, in that case use the above spreadsheet to make a TC Method determination. 

Use Blue Diamond Almondmilk or Great Value 2%


McDonald's Totally Unrealistic Advertising

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McDonald's Insinuating Family and Nutrition

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