Part #A The Food Industry

A competitive world champion athlete and world-class data dork takes on the food industry, your impulses, and nutrition.

Comparisons from Amazon and Wal-Mart

(to reflect real people's habits)

Chapter 1: What Nutrients Do I Need?

I had no idea at all if I was getting any 

or all my nutritional requirements, do you?

Chapter 2: What Am I Paying For?

Chapter 2: Intro


Don't kid yourself

When I question people why they buy things, like cow milk, almond milk, cereal, wine, coffee, tea, etc, typically it goes like this, "well it has calcium," or "I buy it for the protein." So I did the analysis...

How much per gram and per lb are you paying for that protein?

How much will this product cost to get 100% of your daily requirement?

I found out we're NOT getting 100% and if we did, it costs us hundreds of dollars sometimes! All the while the product label, commercial, and big words on the packaging lead us to believe we are getting a deal.

My rules: You need to shop firstly for #1 nutrition. Then secondly, #2 balance in sources. 

Then lastly, #3 taste.

Milks and Milk Alternatives

Do you realize milks have nearly no nutritional value? I didn't until I applied TC Method. 

Peanut Butter and Nut Butters

I was also shocked to learn of the nutritional value of nut butters. Peanut alternatives are a depressing bad alternative to peanut fat. Sorry! Learn that you will pay $68 to get 100% of your daily fat requirements from Smuckers Organic Peanut Butter!

Pizza: Delivery v DiGiorno v Homemade

Have some fun to see how much you're being overcharged and the actual ingredients. How do you feel about paying $8 a pound for protein?

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