Peanut, Almond and Nut Butter Alternatives


If you looked at the milks blog post you may have left quite dismayed at the nutritional aspects. I was shocked to discover how little nutrition we are getting from milk.

I am equally shocked at how little nutrition is in all peanut butter and peanut butter substitutes. I’m really beginning to question the continuance of this blog. I am seemingly dismayed and let-down by the things I thought were healthy for me. So here is the spreadsheet for peanut butter and substitutes.

So regular peanut butter in bulk is your cheapest bet if you want fat or protein. With Jif 5lb Peanut Butter leading the way. However, paying $4.59lb for protein is WAY more than what you can pay in other sources. Also Jif has a lot of canola oil so you’re paying for that too. The other two peanut butters that don’t have it you can see a major increase in cost for fat and protein. Coconut butter has little protein. Focusing on getting 100% of nutritional sources is my next focus. The image below breaks out all the significant nutrients found or expected in these peanut butters and alternatives.


Spreadsheet link


Why to choose organic for peanut ingredients.

First, anything that grows in the ground is more susceptible to pesticides during the growing process. Therefore carrots are more important than apples to be organic, although this does not imply pesticides are irrelevant to apples. There are a lot of variables to discuss with organic and pesticide use. Which I’ll write another blog about later. Peanuts have a long growing time, meaning they need more application of chemicals and have a lot longer time to absorb them. So I do recommend using organic peanuts if that’s a choice, which actually looks like a good choice for fat.

Bottom line: Organic Peanut Butter is a Winner for FAT source. Recommend 365 Everyday Value Organic Peanut Butter, Unsweetened and No Salt 16oz:


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  • Peanuts grown in the USA.
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