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Your body has been designed to destroy on contact these types of viruses.

There is a lot of bad information out there about your immune system, how to boost it, and all-around invigorating your health. Today we will be discussing how to protect yourself from the new Coronavirus. This virus is very similar to many others that have come before it. It is from the family of Corona. So we do understand that the body's immune system has been specifically built to defend itself against this particular design of pathogen. What is this all mean? Well even if you are totally unfamiliar with what I am talking about, all you have to know is this: Your body has been designed to destroy on contact these types of viruses. 

Overview & to help you understand: 

So why are people getting sick? Well, they have other factors that are helping the body be at risk for not being able to properly defend. What that means is that people who have infections or diseases that the body is currently trying to fight will not allow the body to amass enough antibodies to fight a new one. So, if you are one of these people, is it inevitable that you will become infected with possibly major or terminal effects? No. 

There has never been a disease or an outbreak that some human somewhere or a group of many humans have not successfully defeated without synthetic assistance. This means your body has been designed to defend itself against all known pathogens. 

However, stress is killing everyone's abilities to be normal. 

Stress kills your body's ability to defend itself because when you are stressed out your body thinks it is under immediate threat. When your body is under threat it doesn't care about the immune system, growing hair, the water balance in your body, nutrition balance, or other things that are normally longer-term incredibly important. It is there to defend you against the immediate threat of harm to your body or mind. 

The nervous systems play a governing roll in what your body decides as a priority. If you are stressed out at work or in your relationships, your body believes you are under direct impending threat and allocates resources to protect itself like heightening your awareness and increasing your negative responses to things. It will seem like everything irritates you.

This is the most important part. If your nervous systems believe that your exposure to other people and your work environment is causing you stress, it believes that it is in danger, under threat, and will suppress your immune system so that a more manageable threat is introduced to your body and therefore you will not be around those people because you'll be in bed or off in the bush somewhere trying to recover. The nervous system’s primary role is to remove you from the threat environment and that means if it has to intentionally suppress your immune system, so that you are sick it will do that. It has been a really long time humans have had this function. Superbugs and super pathogens we're not around then, so this feature actually could cause some long-term damage. 

The Action Plan 

Here is the action plan. 

Step 1:

First you have to de-stress your systems. Happiness and Homeostatis. This is far easier said than done, I know! But your life depends on it. You have to figure out a way to view daily interactions and your relationships as positive, loving, caring, and nourishing. Then you have to take specific steps like hot baths with epsom salt and candles, some massages, meditation, nature exposure, and going to places that make you feel in amazement or awe like art museums or musical demonstrations. When the body is in awe, it is very open, and is ready to be reprogrammed. So if you were to watch a documentary, that keeps you interested, your body rests and is in a state of learning. Even better, if you watch or listen to a symphony, an orchestra, go to an art museum, meditate, take baths, get massage etc this is the Fast Track Way to reprogram your body for a stress-free approach. In addition you need to restrict how much and how often you are eating. Your body cannot heal as effectively as when it is in a resting and fasting state. You are either in a fast or fed state. You are either in a rest or digest state. If your body is constantly digesting food, that energy and those nutrients, blood, and water cannot be put to use to help the rest of your body grow.

So those are specific actions that you should take to help remove yourself from the bad environments and to reorient your interpretation of being at work and in your relationships. 

Step 2: 

Your nervous systems agree or disagree with nearly everything that you do or introduce to your body and your environment. Music will agitate or calm your nervous system. Food will agitate or calm your nervous system. Certain frequencies of sound will agitate or calm your nervous system. Every object in your house will agitate or calm your nervous system. Every single physical activity and physical body movement will agitate or calm your nervous system. It is up to you to categorize everything into either of these two categories. Flexibility is a key indicator of nervous system inflammation. 

If you are one of those people, like hardcore Macho men, you are likely very unflexible physically. This is a key indicator your nervous system is inflamed. Eat something then seen if you get acid reflux. Do some workouts then try to touch your toes. Contrary to what you’re most likely thinking, you will change in how far you can go reach many times during the day and throughout your entire time at the gym.

There should be days where you are more flexible than others unless you are consistently introducing things in your life or in your diet that your body really hates. This is likely. Detoxes are great for this and so is fasting. Fast then introduce some food and see if it irritates your body. Reflex is a key indicator of food that gives you nervous system inflammation.

Step 3:

Nutrient deficiencies. You are likely missing out on nutrients that your body really needs. Some of these are vitamin B12, vitamin C, magnesium in its various forms, calcium when it's not accompanied with vitamin D, and other trace nutrients. 

If you are a high performer or wish to be a high performer, or just live to your potential, I recommend you get a full-blood analysis. This will tell you what you are deficient in no uncertain terms. If you're unable to do that, you need to start off supplementing and see how you feel. Then we will add those food items into your diet. The following links below are what you need to acquire and use for the next 30 to 45 days.

Step 4: 

You need to make a schedule and a checklist every week you do not deviate from. 

Here is my guidance of what you need to include in that checklist. 

· Three 15 minute sessions of meditation

· Six 30-minute session of non-stop movement (this activity is running, intentful walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, the StairMaster, look the activity has to raise your heart rate and engage your lymphatic system which is only engaged when you're moving up and down like jumping or jogging/running).

· Five instances each day you thank someone for what they do that has nothing to do with you


· Each evening journal one paragraph of three to five sentences each morning look at that journal from yesterday 

So let's talk about the Immune System after you take the initiative to get the products below:

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