A modern book that became an instant classic. Learn the lessons of building your wealth you so don't regret it later.

Getting more out of competitions and training.

Getting more out of competitions and training, by training your mind first.    

Unfuck Yourself

These are great books to discover the things you never knew you did; those things that keep you from moving up and forward--the habits that cause you failure and discomfort.    


Powerful comparisons of great habits and how to build them.


Now learn how to stick with those habits by thinking in certain ways, lots of mental imagery, meditation, and the secrets of the world's greatest people. Top 3 books I've EVER read.    


How focused investing in assets such as real estate can set your life for permanent financial security.    


Change the way you view imagery and mental visualization.    


Escaping to nature changes the brain in ways we're just beginning to understand, a great book for those who find safety in large cities and for those who wonder why they are drawn to nature.


One of the most powerful books ever written. Classic guidance for prioritizing bringing value to the world and being ok with getting paid for it.


Freaking awesome, motivating and reinforcing book on how to attack obstacles.


Great for OCR, a journalist's journey into obstacle racing and its lessons for life

Unscripted Book

A very dangerous book. Reveals the script we are all sold into. If you ever thought the matrix was freaky, read what is really going on here and how to make a jailbreak.